Call Centers

Call Centers by Karagiannis Security Systems®

We install up to date call centers of VOIP technology. The benefits you get through our installation are:

Center Benefits:

  • Line Transfer (from one user to another, even if he is not at the same place).
  • Audio Introduction Messages.
  • Hold with the sound clip you want.
  • Promotional messages while on hold
  • Automatic answering machine (with the possibility of e mail sent).
  • Time Schedule of the Call Center Working Hours
  • Callback (the center saves the calls that weren’t answered, so that when the same number calls back, it will get redirected to the user who got the initial call).
  • Blacklist
  • Call History Control (call export on Excel or PDF).
  • Record and audio the calls, anywhere you are
  • Call Conference (many users can participate in one call)
  • Email to sms
  • Sms to email
  • Fax to email
  • Possibility of installing a call center device anywhere outside the company, as a part of it.
  • Video Call
  • Conference Device


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