CADDX XGEN NXG-868Gen2 External Wireless Receiver

  • External wireless receiver
  • Receiving signals from 868Gen2 wireless detectors
  • Connection to the BUS of the new series of panels NXG-64, NXG-256
  • Capacity depending on the type of panel being connected
  • Max 64 NXG-64 wireless devices
  • Max 192 NXG-256 devices
  • Compatible with: ΤΧ-2211-03-1, ΤΧ-2411-03-1, ΤΧ-6212-03-1, ΤΧ-3011-03-x, ΤΧ-5011-03-x, ΤΧ-2212-03- 1
  • For TX-1011-03-x TX-1211-03-x the external contact is not supported
  • Maximum consumption: 52mA
  • Dimensions: 165 x 115 x 40mm