• Digital infrared curtain detector
  • For external and internal use
  • Separation and rejection of movement of small animals such as birds, cats and dogs, to avoid false alarms
  • Complete vertical zone detection
  • Active infrared anti-mask to protect the lens from spray and protect the approach of the entire detector at 30 cm
  • 2 modes of operation: Non-animal detection function so that we can protect windows and sliding doors of dimensions 7.5 x 2m. For indoor use, by disabling the non-animal detection function and putting the detector in normal operation, we can protect windows and sliding doors measuring 10 x 2m.
  • Creation of an extremely narrow beam 0.5m wide by 5m, to allow movement near the protected door or window without false alarms
  • Vertical beam detection function
  • Excellent stability
  • High rate of false alarm rejection
  • Dual detection beam
  • Non-animal detection function
  • Active Infrared Anti-Mask detection
  • Dual detector controlled by algorithm (FADEC)
  • Optical geometric lens for distinguishing pets and supporting non-animal detection function
  • Dual tamper detector
  • Compatible with EVO bus
  • Certification: CE, EN50131 Grade 3