• Security Event-Driven – Files linked to events
  • Wi-Fi/Ethernet
  • Remote access via Insite GOLD application and Swan Service
  • Google Drive cloud storage with no after-purchase charges
  • 720P color streaming (HD264)
  • HD audio
  • Internal storage: 66 minutes alarm and Record on Trigger (ROT), 66 minutes Record on Demand (ROD)
  • Free Insite GOLD application
  • Easy installation and programming, viewing, arm/disarm/access and PGM activations
  • Auto storage on Insite GOLD when playing video files
  • Pre-alarm -4 sec. recording
  • Push notifications
  • Built-in Security Grade Quad PIR detector
  • Night Illumination IR LEDs
  • Compatible with EVO series, MG5075, SP5500, SP6000 and SP7000