• 2-cable data collector for 2 cable Modular IP Video Intercoms
  • For use in large installations or installations where crossed connection between DS-KAD706 distributors is required and not the daisy chain between them
  • 6 ports of 2 cables (data only), through which it is EXCLUSIVELY connected with at most an equal number of branches (backbones) of DS-KAD706 distributors (each branch up to 15 distributors) or other concentrators DS-KAD706-S
  • 6 LED indicators
  • 1 Ethernet port for connection to the local network/router
  • Connection to any other Ethernet door stations/monitors of the same installation
  • Rail mounting
  • 24 VDC external power supply
  • 4W consumption
  • Dimensions: 145x67x90 mm
  • Maximum wiring distance with other DS-KAD706 distributors or DS-KAD706-S connectors is 60m for 24AWG (0.2mm2) cable